Diploma in Geriatric Medicine revision

Why do this examination?

  • The population is ageing with increasing numbers of older adults requiring healthcare and social support
  • There is a need for health care professionals to enhance their knowledge of the medical, psychiatric and social issues affecting older adults

  • Recognised qualification with the Royal College of Physicians awarded with a certificate
  • Successful candidates are eligible to assign the letters DGM after their name
  • The examination entitles those with the qualification to obtain a significant discount of one-third of the course credits required for an MSc in gerontology at King’s College London

The Examination
  • Aimed at general practitioner vocational trainees, clinical assistants and others working in non-consultant career posts in departments of geriatric medicine, and other doctors with interests in or responsibilities for the care of older people
  • Minimum eligibility requirement for the written examination is 2 years’ post-qualifying experience prior to the date of the written examination, or candidates who have had 4 months’ experience in a geriatric medicine post in a hospital or in another post (eg as a GP) in which they see many geriatric patients.
  • There are two components to the examination. The first is a written paper; the second is a practical clinical examination and can only be attempted after successfully passing the written component.

Part 1 written examination
  • There are 100 ‘best of five’ questions covering the published syllabus of geriatric medicine, community care of older people and problem-solving of clinical and social dilemmas. Three hours is allowed for the examination.

Part 2 clinical examination
  • A four-station standardised examination similar to an Objective Standardised Clinical Examination (OSCE).

Further information can be obtained from the Royal College of Physicians website

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